Error when uirecorder starts webdriver service


1. Start the webdriver service before executing the script recorded by uirecorder

Error: error: missing C: \ users \ B \ node_modules\selenium-standalone\.selenium\chromedrive



2. Post the error to Google. There is an answer in GitHub. Install selenium standone( )

npm   install   selenium- standalone@latest  – g  # OK

selenium-standalone   install  # Here again, an error is prompted

selenium-standalone   start


2. Selenium, chrome, ie, Firefox, and edge are all installed successfully during the sale standalone install. The

when , the downloads link is wrong, not found. So I went to GitHub to download it



start webdriver service : switch the directory to selenium sever directory in CMD, C: \ users \ 17972 \ appdata \ roaming \ NPM \ node_modules\selenium-standalone\.selenium\selenium-server   Execute the command Java – jar 3.141.5-server.jar (refer to  )




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