error while loading shared libraries

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Today, when installing MySQL with source code on CentOS 7, we encountered the following error:

[email protected]:~# /opt/mysql/server-5.6/scripts/mysql_install_db –user=mysql
Installing MySQL system tables…/opt/mysql/server-5.6/bin/mysqld: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~#

When we use “MySQL”_ install_ The libaio package is required to install MySQL on Linux system. The ways to install this package on different Linux systems are summarized as follows:

1. For RedHat/CentOS system, use the following installation methods:

[[email protected]~]# yum install libaio

2. The Debian system is installed as follows:

[email protected]:~# apt-get install libaio1

After installing the package, execute “MySQL” again_ install_ This time, there will be no mistakes

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