Ffmpeg operation not permitted error resolution process record

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The problem recurred

Because there were some small problems in the video recording process, we need to cut and merge the video files again. We found several video editing software to do this, but we were not very satisfied with the final result. It was very late at that time. We planned to go to bed and think about it the next day. When we got up from the chair, we suddenly thought of ffmpeg, A long time ago, I used it to do a video cutting related function in my work, so I quickly installed and configured it. The video cutting was smooth, and this problem appeared in the title when I merged the videos

Operation not permitted 

I put all the relevant documents at that time here, as shown in the figure below:

I need to merge the two video files 27-end.mp4 and 27-head.mp4 in the figure into one video file. The txt file required by ffmpeg is also as shown in the figure above. Just put the directory of the files to be merged in the file. Because it is the CMD command executed in the current directory, I directly set the directory to the current directory

The video merge command executed at that time was as follows:

ffmpeg -f concat -i list.txt -c copy lesson-27.mp4

But the results are as follows

Problem solving process

permission problem

After seeing this error, I thought it was a problem of file permissions, so I right-click “administrator takes ownership”, and then I still reported this error. Later, I wrote the file directory as an absolute path, but it still didn’t work, and I got stuck

search answers online

I didn’t solve it myself. I went to the Internet to see if anyone else had encountered this problem. After a round of checking, I found that the problem was similar, but there was no solution. It was cold again. Therefore, I wrote this article after solving it

change your mind

You can take another look at the error reported in the above figure. There is another error in operation not permitted error, which is unsafe file name . So I took a look at the ffmpeg document, and finally found that the – safe parameter can be added to the command line to avoid this problem. I tried it quickly, and finally the file was merged successfully, The command to be executed is as follows:

ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i list.txt -c copy lesson-27.mp4


Because there is no solution to this problem on the Internet, and many friends are also searching for this problem, so I have sorted out this article, and some friends who encounter similar problems can refer to it

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