File not found error handling of nginx accessing PHP files, two cases

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This error is very common. There are two kinds of errors

PHP FPM could not find script_ PHP file executed in file name

PHP FPM can’t access the executed PHP, which is a permission problem

The first case

Change the configuration file nginx. Conf
fastcgi_ param SCRIPT_ FILENAME /scripts$fastcgi_ script_ name;
replace with the following

fastcgi_ param SCRIPT_ FILENAME$document_ root$fastcgi_ script_ name;

Then reload the nginx configuration file
/etc/init.d/nginx reload

The second situation

Two solutions:
the first is to set your root folder to allow other users
the second is to find your PHP FPM configuration file, find the following paragraph, and replace Apache with the user group you want

; RPM: apache Choosed to be able to access some dir as httpd
user = apache
; RPM: Keep a group allowed to write in log dir.
group = apache

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