How to Solve error: $globals[“http raw post data”]

$GLOBALS [“HTTP_ RAW_ POST_ Data “] and$_ POST,file_ get_ contents(‘ php://input ‘) almost, with $globals [“http_ RAW_ POST_ Data “] or file_ get_ contents(‘ php://input Most of the cases are for the purpose of obtaining$_ Data types that post cannot receive (such as XML data)

In $globals [“HTTP”_ RAW_ POST_ Data “] can be checked in the following ways if the value cannot be obtained:

1. Use file_ get_ contents(‘ php://input ‘) to get the data. If not, it may be a data transmission error. The request is caught and the data is analyzed

2. If file_ get_ contents(‘ php://input There is data. View the php.ini configuration file

Find the following. If it is not turned on, turn it on



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