Handling method of PIP error in pycharm installation

When using pycharm these days, I found that I reported it when installing the software  module ‘pip’ has no attribute ‘main’  , later, the online methods and analysis error prompts were integrated because there was a packaging in the pycharm installation directory_There are two pieces of code in the tool.py file. There are some problems with the configuration and some changes need to be made

The original code is as follows:

 1 def do_install(pkgs):
 3     try:
 4         import pip
 5     except ImportError:
 6         error_no_pip()
 7     return pip.main(['install'] + pkgs)
10 def do_uninstall(pkgs):
11     try:
12         import pip      
13     except ImportError:
14         error_no_pip()
15     return pip.main(['uninstall', '-y'] + pkgs)

Modify it to the following code:

 1 def do_install(pkgs):
 3     try:
 4         #import pip
 5             try:
 6                     from pip._internal import main   
 7             except Exception:
 8                     from pip import main
 9     except ImportError:
10         error_no_pip()
11     return main(['install'] + pkgs)
14 def do_uninstall(pkgs):
15     try:
16         #import pip
17             try:
18                   from pip._internal import main
19             except Exception:
20                   from pip import main        
21     except ImportError:
22         error_no_pip()
23     return main(['uninstall', '-y'] + pkgs)

If you report an error after modification, it may be a problem of indentation. You must pay attention to the indentation of the code. Python’s indentation requirements can be called abnormal


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