How to find real IP in CDN

I went to look for it today IP (why do you want to do this, see), found If you use CDN service, you can’t find its real IP by direct Ping (actually you don’t need to find it, but you just want to find it).

How can we find the real IP under CDN?

Let’s take a look at what direct Ping looks like.

We can see that the IP we pinged is The CDN has adjusted the domain name resolution process and identified that Yes A CNAME record of.

According to the online method, I found the following ways to solve this problem


Method 1: Ping

The reason is And The analysis is two independent records, many companies will only give Do CDN

It’s a good idea The IP of is resolved, but this IP can’t connect to station B.


Method 2: Ping

The reason is that many companies do not provide CDN services for secondary domain names, It’s the member center of station B

The same is not true. Ping is still a CNAME record.


Method 3: look for historical records

The reason is that the IP address will change before and after using CDN. Just find the address before using CDN

In I checked

I tested all the IP above, but it didn’t work.


Method 4: Ping with foreign VPN server

The reason is that most CDNs are only aimed at domestic DNS servers without considering foreign ones. In essence, this way is to Ping with foreign DNS servers. Here, we use the NSLOOKUP command to specify foreign DNS servers for a try.




Time out




It’s also a failure


Method 5: investigate the location of the target company and analyze the most likely place where the company has its own computer room



Method 6: find the phpinfo of the website

I don’t know how to find…


Method 7: reverse search

The reason is to let the server push messages to you, then you can get the real IP

Register an account on B station and get the header of the mail

In this way, we can get the real IP address of station B. we can see that if we Ping the secondary domain name directly Also can get this IP

So I think the most reliable way is to violently test the secondary domain name. If not, let’s see if we can reverse the search.


ps: @360 applied for a paper patent on IP identification of CDN source station


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