How to operate word batch conversion PDF? Can word be converted to PDF at one time?

In our daily work, we often involve the need to convert word documents into PDF format. I don’t know if you have to convert multiple words into PDF at one time?So how to convert PDF into word batch?Is it necessary to operate one by one or can it be operated at one time?If you also find it troublesome to operate one by one, you might as well try the following one-time solution!

First of all, you need to download a software called fast PDF converter, which can be found by searching the Internet directly with your name. After you find the download website, you can directly install it on your computer.

Double click to open the quick PDF converter, and the following interface will appear.

Let’s look directly at the navigation bar on the left, one of which is “file to PDF”. Let’s click it.

After that, the interface as shown in the figure below will appear. Let’s click “word to PDF”.

Next, we click “add file” on the top of the right interface, and then add all the word documents that need to be converted.

After completing the above settings, directly click “start conversion” in the lower right corner.

Through this software, we can achieve batch conversion of PDF word!

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