HP Proliant Blade Error “Server Blade Enclosure Power Request Denied Electronic Keying or I/O Configuration Error”

Check whether the tool box is inserted, re-plug it and see if there is an error reported.

Blade # X not powering on when inserted in C7000 enclosure. Following error in Integrated Management Log (IML) report is seen:
Server Blade Enclosure Power Request Denied Electronic Keying or I/O Configuration Error

From showall it was seen that the mezzanine card in blade X was incorrectly seated in slot #2 rather than slot #1. Took out the blade # X and moved the QLogic QMH2462 4Gb FC HBA from Mezzanine slot 2 to the Mezzanine slot 1 and tried to reinsert the blade. It powered on successfully without any error.
From the NIC and mezzanine option FRU information, the BladeSystem Onboard Administrator determines the type of interconnects each server requires. Before granting power to a server blade, the BladeSystem Onboard Administrator compares this information with the FRU EEPROMs on installed interconnect modules to check for electronic keying errors. Because the connections between the blade slots and the interconnect module bays are hard-wired through the signal midplane, the server mezzanine cards must be matched to the appropriate type of interconnect module. For example, a server using a Fibre Channel mezzanine card must be placed in the slot that connects to an interconnect bay holding a Fibre Channel switch. To simplify the installation of the various mezzanine cards and interconnect modules, the Onboard Administrator uses an electronic keying process to detect any mismatch between the mezzanine cards and the interconnect modules.

(With the NIC and mezzanine option FRU information, the BladeSystem on-board administrator determines the type of docking required for each server. Before powering the server blades, the BladeSystem on-board administrator compares this information with the FRU eeprom on the installed interconnect module to check for electronic key errors. Since the server blade slots are hardwired to the interconnect module slots via the signaling backplane, the server mezz snap cards need to match the appropriate interconnect module type. For example, servers using fc mezz snap cards must be installed in the interconnect slot connected to the fc switch. To simplify the installation of various mezz snaps and interconnect modules, the on-board administrator uses electronic key processing to detect mismatches between mezz snaps and interconnect modules.  )

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