Idea Maven install is stuck. Check if there is no error report.

            Today, use idea to package, execute install, and check the console log. The card owner (meaning that the log will not continue to be printed on the console, and the card owner will not see the error). There is no error reported, and then check it

      Enter the DOS command, enter the root directory of the project, and use   Run MVN   Install command, the result is the same as using install in idea, and then run   mvn   Command, error

Error content:  

ERROR: No goals have been specified for this build. You must specify a valid lifecycle phase or a goal
in the format < plugin-prefix>:& lt; goal> or < plugin-group-id>:& lt; plugin-artifact-id

  The error content is very long, so many are intercepted. The solution is  

Pom.xml file & lt; build> Label the root directory with & lt; defaultGoal> compile</ defaultGoal> that will do   

  Solution link: , after solving, run MVN   The install command is used for packaging, and the card is still the owner

Use the MVN install – dmaven. Test. Skip = true command to package. The meaning of the command: ignore the test content, that is, ignore the test content   Check the contents in the folder below the picture step by step

  Then delete the code that affects packaging under the test folder and use it in idea again   Install to package. The package is successful and a screenshot is posted


  Summary: because the console prints an error log when using idea packaging, that is, there is no error in the code, go to the project root directory and directly execute the command for troubleshooting. Finally, it is done

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