ideaUnable to ping server at localhost:1099

I checked it online   Many problems are caused by Tomcat and JDK versions   Then when looking at the Tomcat version   That is, run version.bat under the bin folder of Tomcat   Error reporting the JRE_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly

It’s hard   Check the problem again   Added JRE_The home environment variable is still not easy to use  

Then I saw an article saying that there is a setclasspath.bat directly under the bin folder of Tomcat  

Java can be directly set here_Home and JRE_HOME

Because I thought it was the wrong environment variable

Open it and find that Java is set in it_Home and JRE_Commands for home

Then JRE_Home is my previous JRE address  

I remember changing JRE’s address a few days ago     There is no change here

Then everything will be all right

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