linq to xml There are multiple root elements.

When adding XML nodes

var temp2 = temp1.Element("staticContent");
            if (temp2 != null)
                string str = "<remove fileExtension=\".svg\" />\r\n               <mimeMap fileExtension=\".svg\" mimeType=\"image/svg+xml\" />\r\n               <remove fileExtension=\".nupkg\" />\r\n               <mimeMap fileExtension=\".nupkg\" mimeType=\"application/zip, application/octet-stream\" />\r\n               <remove fileExtension=\".webm\" />\r\n               <mimeMap fileExtension=\".webm\" mimeType=\"video/webm\" />\r\n               <remove fileExtension=\".mp4\" />\r\n               <mimeMap fileExtension=\".mp4\" mimeType=\"video/mp4\" />";

Multiple nodes must be separated from, and added one by one

When parsing XML strings

        public void XmlTest()
            string xml = "<Record ID=\"135\" Key=\"CustomTableItemID\" /> <Record ID=\"23\" Key=\"CustomTableID\" />";
            XElement element = XElement.Parse(xml);

You need to add a root node for parsing

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