macos -bash: yarn: command not found/-bash: cnpm: command not found

-Bash: cnpm: command not found
– bash: Yarn: command not found
– bash: XXXX: command not found
all yarn/cnpm above are common, provided that this error is reported after successful installation

error: eacces: permission denied, MKDIR please move on to this article 👉

Different from windows , we use sudo NPM install – G yarn to install yarn , but we report the following error information when printing the terminal version or using yarn directly:


One of the reasons is that the environment variables similar to those in windows are not configured

Input at the terminal:


The above command mode will be directly edited in Notepad or VIM command in console


If you use the method of VIM to modify, remember to execute : WQ to save and exit

Taking the Open instruction as an example, we execute the following instructions on the terminal:

1、touch ~/.bash_ profile

Can skip, touch means to create without. Bash_ Profile is a temporary environment variable of the system

2、open -e ~/.bash_ profile

Open command to open this file. If you are prompted that you have no permission, please add sudo before it. Example: sudo open – E ~ /. Bash_ profile

3. Find the installed yarn directory 2

Do you remember the directory where you installed yarn?If you forget to perform the installation again, as shown in the figure below (the picture is the non self coding on the Internet)

4_ In the profile file, enter export path = $path/usr/local/node_ global/bin

Note: please set /usr/local/node_ Global replace with the directory where your yarn exists

5、source ~/.bash_ profile

Source means to re execute or refresh

6、yarn -v

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