Net start mongodb error: invalid service name

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1. check your configuration information first. If everything is correct, open CMD in administrator mode instead of directly

2. and then jump to the bin directory of mongodb in CMD. My example is:

cd "C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin"

3. then the CMD is written to the service

mongod --dbpath  "D:\MongodbData\data"  --logpath "D:\MongodbData\logs\mongodb.log" --install --serviceName "MongoDB"

4. finally, start the service

net start MongoDB

5. after opening, you can simply test whether it is enabled or not
Enter in the browser :27017, If it looks like you are trying to access mongodb over HTTP on the native driver port. is displayed, it will be opened successfully

or go to the computer management page to check whether it is opened

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