NoClassDefFoundError: javax / activation / datasource solution

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Today, with the development of e-mail system, the sender can run smoothly in the main function. However, after the deployment to tomcat, the server will be started, and the following will appear first:
source not found for webappclassloader.loadclass (string, Boolean) line: 41
eclipse requires opening the debug window to debug the program.
enter the debug trace, and the debugger entry points to the sender’s class, Press F6 to throw:
exception in thread “thread-1” java.lang.noclassdeffounderror: javax/activation/datasource
at com.roadway.edserver.blo.senderbo. & lt; init>( SenderBO. java:24 )
at com.roadway.edserver.blo.SenderManager.managerSendingMail(SenderManager. java:37 )
at java:17 )
at java:595 )
I haven’t done the project of sending email before. After checking a lot of information, I found that the activation.jar package was not added to the project.
write it down, Hope to meet the same problem of friends and help themselves

Everything else is right, except for the activation. Jar package. After importing the jar package, it will run perfectly

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