Vue Project: npm run dev :missing script:dev [How to Solve]

Today, when you run the Vue project, you are running NPM  Run dev reports an error, as shown in the following figure:

Open the package.js folder and find that the scripts in the folder have dev, as shown in the following figure:

But it’s not good. What’s the reason?Finally, the path is wrong. When Vue init webpack my project, he creates another folder and can’t get dev.js in the corresponding package.js

CD to the corresponding folder and re run NPM run dev

In another case, the current folder is opened, but the scripts in the folder package.js do not have dev

Enter Vue init webpack   The missing in package.json will be:

” dev”: “webpack-dev-server –inline –progress –config build/”,
” start”: “npm run dev”,
” build”: “node build/build.js”

Download it again, then install the dependency in NPM intall, and finally NPM run dev


It is also applicable to solve the problem of start and build loss

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