Overview of several common time of CET, UTC, GMT and CST

CET (Central European time)

Central European time (CET) is one of the time zone names one hour earlier than UTC. It is adopted by most European countries and some North African countries

It is UTC + 1 in winter and UTC + 2 in summer

Wet (Western European time)

Western European time (wet) is the same as UTC

EET (European Eastern time)

Eastern European time (EET) is one of the time zone names two hours earlier than UTC. It is adopted by some European countries, North African countries and Middle East countries

UTC (world standard time)

Coordinated universal time (UTC) is also known as world standard time or world coordinated time (UTC) é」 As the most important time standard in the world, it is based on the atomic time seconds and is as close to Greenwich mean time as possible

GMT (Greenwich mean time)

Greenwich mean time or Greenwich mean time; Greenwich mean time (GMT) refers to the standard time of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the suburb of London, because the original meridian is defined as the meridian passing through there

Since February 5, 1924, the Greenwich Observatory has issued time adjustment information to the world every other hour

In theory, noon in Greenwich mean time when the sun crosses the Greenwich meridian (the highest point above Greenwich). Due to the uneven speed of the earth in its elliptical orbit, this moment may be different from the actual solar time, with a maximum error of 16 minutes

Greenwich mean time is no longer used as standard time because the earth’s daily rotation is somewhat irregular and slowing down. The current standard time is coordinated universal time (UTC), which is set by the atomic clock

CST (Beijing time)

Beijing time, China standard time. In terms of time zone division, it belongs to the eight Eastern regions, 8 hours earlier than coordinated universal time, which is recorded as UTC + 8

But what’s puzzling about the abbreviation CST is that it can represent four different times at the same time:

Central Standard Time (USA) UT-6:00

Central Standard Time (Australia) UT+9:30

China Standard Time UT+8:00

Cuba Standard Time UT-4:00

Therefore, in the process of writing programs, you may encounter the problem of inconsistency between JavaScript client time and server time, so you should pay more attention to it when programming

Representation of ISO date and time

ISO 8601, the international standard of the international organization for standardization, is the representation of date and time, which is fully called “data storage and exchange forms, information exchange, representation of date and time”. At present, the third edition of iso8601:2004 replaces the first edition of iso8601:1988 and the second edition of iso8601:2000

This is just a date time representation. We use this method to represent a UTC time

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