Pom.xml add dependency error [How to Solve]

Problem Description: the specific tips are as follows:

faild to read artifact descriptor for orag.springframwork.boot:spring-boot-starter-jdbc:jar:2.1.7

Because I only added these dependencies to pom.xml, but this error is reported

<!– mybatis–>


Try 1: I wanted to type "jdbc" to join the package, but it didn't bring up automatically

Try 2: close pom.xml and reopen it

The error is still reported, but it seems that there is no error in the left column. In fact, it has been reported


Re enter the package with no error prompt in JDBC

Try 3

cmd ==》mvn help:effective-settings

Find Maven stupid warehouse

After deletion, the system can finally bring out the package

Then install it automatically and solve the problem

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