PyDev:warning: Debugger speedups using cython not foun

When debugging code in eclipse, you will always be prompted with a warning:


warning: Debugger speedups using cython not found. Run '"C:\Python36\python.exe" "C:\Users\shaoks\.p2\pool\plugins\org.python.pydev.core_6.3.3.201805051638\pysrc\" build_ext --inplace' to build.
pydev debugger: starting (pid: 15372)

It means: there is no debugger to speed up with Python
Python is an extension module tool of python, which is mixed with Python and C language to speed up the running efficiency of Python.
The solution is also in the above prompt:
in pydev installation directory, execute the following command to compile the cython acceleration module


Go to C: users, hooks, P2, pool, plugins\ org.python.pydev .core_

Input command: Python setup_ build_ Ext — inplace enter, as shown in the following figure:


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