python from scipy.misc import imread:ImportError: cannot import name imread

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from scipy.misc import imread
error: Import error: cannot import name imread

The solution is as follows:
1. Install pilot (imread depends on pilot)
2. Check whether pilot and SciPy are installed in the same path
3. Other

However, these can’t solve my problems. Finally, I saw the following method in a comment:
downgrade SciPy to Version 1.2.1 (PIP install SciPy = = 1.2.1)

Pro test is available
however, there will be such a red letter (which does not affect the use and output results)

which means that imread will be removed after scipy1.2.0, which is also the reason why it can not be used before
at the same time, It is also suggested that imageio. Imread can be used to replace imread
that is:
1. PIP install imageio
2. Import imageio
3. Img = imageio. Imread (‘xx. PNG ‘)

1. Without using SciPy, using imageio to call imread
2. Using scipy1.2.1

In addition: before installing a third-party library, you must remember to install numpy + MKL , and then install SciPy, pilot and other third-party libraries. Many third-party libraries rely on the installation of numpy + MKL before they work

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