Python2.7 Error: command not found: [How to Solve]

Tian upgraded Python under Linux, and installed Django, according to the online thinking

Under linux command line





?After entering the python command line, import Django

improt django

Then execute

one startproject mysite

Prompt command not found: the problem with is that the path of is not added to the environment variable

Just find the path to I refer to the official document:

But that document was two years ago, only 2.4 and 2.6, and my Python version is 2.7. I tried. It’s totally wrong

But the idea is clear, that is to add soft link operation

The Linux command is almost forgotten. I can’t find it with find/- name I don’t know if the command is wrong

Finally, open the folder to find in python27/bin /

That’s it! As shown in the figure below


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