React-Native(Print: Entry, “:CFBundleIdentifier”, Does Not Exist)

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Failed to install the requested application An application bundle was not found at the provided path. Provide a valid path to the desired application bundle. Print: Entry, “:CFBundleIdentifier”, Does Not Exist Command failed: /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c P rint:CFBundleIdentifier build/Build/Products/Debug -iphonesimulator/ Print: Entry, “:CFBundleIdentifier”, Does Not Exist

With the help of a little friend from Alibaba two days ago, this disgusting problem that I had been having for more than three months was finally solved successfully, which gave me a further understanding of react native operation mechanism

If there is a problem, we have to find out the root of the problem. In the case of reporting this error under IOS, we have to open Xcode to find out the source of the error. When running the app, it seems that some files are missing. Specifically, we can see the error reporting of Xcode. Then, combined with the great God on the network, we find the ~ /. Rncache in the root directory, and replace the files in it with the packet of react native 0.49.3, I’m not sure whether the corresponding package of each version is the same. I haven’t tried it yet. If you have, please tell me

After replacing the files in the. Rncache on Alibaba’s small partner’s computer, you can use it. You can also use the version 2.0 of antd mobile

Conclusion: problems always have their roots. How to find the root of the problem needs a lot of practice

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