Solution for ueeditor reporting error uparse is not defined

In Vue, it is used for Baidu rich text editor, but an error is reported during loading   Uparse is not defined, as follows. Follow the official instructions and prove that there are no problems with the use of heat



The solution is as follows:

Firstly, it is found that the error location is ueeditor.parse.min.js?E487:7; OK, first comment out the introduction of the file


  Then it is found that the editor can display normally when it runs normally:



What impact will it have if this document is not introduced?Let’s move to the official document to see the description of this document


  Note that this file is only a simple version, and it has no great impact if it is not introduced, but it was later found that the style of the rich text editor is lost. OK to solve this problem, let’s continue to look at the official document catalog:


  Do you realize that we can lead whatever we need; No more nonsense. Look at the themes folder Directory:


  Is it a bit of a sudden enlightenment?Don’t say anything. OMG — leads it

import './static/UE/themes/default/css/ueditor.css'

OK, here, the problem is basically solved, but you may find that there will be error messages when processing tables in the rich text editor. If God has a solution, you can send private messages; Although an error is reported, it does not affect the function

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