Solve the IP assignment prompt error, some other host already use address

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In VM and other virtual machines, when the network card is configured as static IP, the network card will always report “error, some other host already uses address” even if it is changed to other IP, sometimes similar situation will still occur, and DHCP will work normally, which is really painful. After checking on the Internet for a long time, I think the following method is the most “fierce”! But before doing so, make sure that the network really uses the IP address you want to use, otherwise it will cause a real conflict

1. Edit/etc/sysconfig/network scripts/ifup eth to

if ! arping -q -c 2 -w 3 -D -I ${REALDEVICE} ${IPADDR} ; Then
echo $”error, some other host already uses address ${IPADDR}.
Exit 1
annotate and save it

2. Enter the command to restart the network service

#Service network restart restart the network service, and the network card is loaded successfully

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