Solve the problem of HTTP 000 connection failed for URL in Anaconda

1. Problem Description: CONDA is unable to create a virtual environment and install other third-party packages. The error is as follows:

2. Error reason: the access speed of the default image source is too slow, which will lead to timeout, resulting in update and download failure.

3. Solution: change the image source to Tsinghua image source, and delete the default image source.

3.1. First, execute the following commands to replace the image source

conda config –add channels

conda config –add channels

conda config –add channels

conda config –set show_ channel_ urls yes

3.2. Change the image source profile

Find the. Condarc file in the user’s root directory (C:// users \ \ user name), open and edit it, and delete the default configuration line.



4. Re create the virtual environment, success!

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