Solve the problem that SVN update generates node remains in conflict

[root@localhost svnrepos]# svn up.
Skipped’pythonresource.txt’ – Node remains in conflict
At revision 14.
Summary of conflicts:
Skipped paths: 1

The solution is:
[root@localhost svnrepos]svn revert –depth=infinity pythonresource.txt
[root@localhost svnrepos] svn up.

After editing pythonresource.txt and commit locally again, go to the web server and svn up pythonresource.txt, everything is normal.

Or copy pythonresource.txt locally to another directory, commit, then copy pythonresource.txt to the original directory, and commit again. No error will be reported on the http server.


If it still doesn’t work, try a trick:

svn remove --force filename
svn resolve --accept=working filename
svn up


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