[Solved] Errors encountered in web.xml in Eclipse configuration Servlet

The web.xml in the eclipse configuration servlet became popular. Although it did not affect the normal operation, it was really uncomfortable, so it was processed.



At the beginning, there are errors in the second and third lines, which means that there is no problem after the project is built. It will be generated directly after opening web.xml without any processing.

The error in the second line is “There are 37 errors on xxx.jsp”. This problem is solved by adding a carriage return at the end of the second line

Error on the third line



Line 17 source code


The problem appeared after the servlet was configured






First try to adjust the label sequence according to the third line of question prompts, and adjust the welcome page to the back of the servlet, to no avail;

Change the java in the url in xsi:schemaLocation in the second line to JAVA, and all the hot spots are eliminated.

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