[Solved] Grpc Error: unable to determine Go import path for


Execute the following command in the proto folder:

$ protoc --go_out=plugins=grpc:. *.proto

Error: unable to determine the go import path

protoc-gen-go: unable to determine Go import path for "search.proto"

Please specify either:
        • a "go_package" option in the .proto source file, or
        • a "M" argument on the command line.

See https://developers.google.com/protocol-buffers/docs/reference/go-generated#package for more informa

--go_out: protoc-gen-go: Plugin failed with status code 1.


Specify the path in all .Proto files

option go_package ="./pb";

Example: the third sentence code is added to the proto file

syntax = "proto3";

package proto;

option go_package ="./proto"; // Specify the RPC file generation path address

service SearchService {
    rpc Search(SearchRequest) returns (SearchResponse) {}

message SearchRequest {
    string request = 1;

message SearchResponse {
    string response = 1;

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