[Solved] Java:Hibernate Error executing DDL via JDBC Statement


I want to write a blog about hibernate, so I’m going to start from the beginning and download the latest stable version from the official website

Results the following problem occurs when using hibernate to create tables automatically

I am very puzzled that this problem did not occur with the lower version before

So, I copied all the necessary files to the previous hibernate version 5.0.7 project, and there was no problem

Therefore, it is determined that it is the hibernate version problem´╝ł After checking the type = “XXX”, I found that it should be the problem of hibernate and MySQL version coordination. In the older version, the old dialect is still supported, but in the new version, the new dialect is required.)

Before change:

After change:

The dialect is correct

And in the process of exploration, I found a lot of dialects in

under the hibernate core package. It seems that I have detailed support for each version

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