[Solved] Possible reasons why NPM run build cannot package NPM err! missing script: build

Error: npm ERR! missing script: build´╝îIt was later discovered that the scripts parameter in package.json is:
“scripts”: {undefined
“dev”: “vue-cli-service serve”,
“build:prod”: “vue-cli-service build”,
“build:stage”: “vue-cli-service build –mode staging”,
“preview”: “node build/index.js –preview”,
“lint”: “eslint –ext .js,.vue src”,
“test:unit”: “jest –clearCache && vue-cli-service test:unit”,
“test:ci”: “npm run lint && npm run test:unit”,
“svgo”: “svgo -f src/icons/svg –config=src/icons/svgo.yml”
},So the right commands is:
npm run build:prod --report

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