[Solved] Python Numpy Data load error: Unicode error: unpicking a python object failed: Unicode decodeerror

When using numpy.load (‘xxx. NPY ‘) data, an error is reported Unicode error: unpicking a python object failed: Unicode decodeerror


Due to the problem of default encoding, the data cannot be unpacked:
encoding must be 'ASCII', 'Latin1', or 'bytes'
therefore, when using NP. Load() , you need to add encoding options:
data = NP. Load ('mynpy. NPY', encoding = 'Latin1')
can be loaded successfully


If you use python3 to read the NPY generated by python2, coding errors may occur. It is explained in the source code of numpy:

# https://github.com/numpy/numpy/blob/v1.16.1/numpy/lib/npyio.py#L287-L453
# line 317
encoding : str, optional
        What encoding to use when reading Python 2 strings. Only useful when
        loading Python 2 generated pickled files in Python 3, which includes
        npy/npz files containing object arrays. Values other than 'latin1',
        'ASCII', and 'bytes' are not allowed, as they can corrupt numerical
        data. Default: 'ASCII'

# Only one of the following three encoding methods is allowed
# line 390
if encoding not in ('ASCII', 'latin1', 'bytes'):
        # The 'encoding' value for pickle also affects what encoding
        # the serialized binary data of NumPy arrays is loaded
        # in. Pickle does not pass on the encoding information to
        # NumPy. The unpickling code in numpy.core.multiarray is
        # written to assume that unicode data appearing where binary
        # should be is in 'latin1'. 'bytes' is also safe, as is 'ASCII'.
        # Other encoding values can corrupt binary data, and we
        # purposefully disallow them. For the same reason, the errors=
        # argument is not exposed, as values other than 'strict'
        # result can similarly silently corrupt numerical data.
        raise ValueError("encoding must be 'ASCII', 'latin1', or 'bytes'")

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