[Solved] WebGL Error: uncaught referenceerror unitymodule is not defined

It was good, I just wanted to modify the script UnityProgress.js to change the Unity element when loading webGl to be custom, or at least not to display it.

function UnityProgress(unityInstance, progress) {
if (!unityInstance.Module)
if (!unityInstance.logo) {
unityInstance.logo = document.createElement(“div”);
unityInstance.logo.className = “logo “+ unityInstance. Module.splashScreenStyle;
if (!unityInstance.progress) {
unityInstance.progress = document.createElement(“div”);
unityInstance.progress.className = “progress “+ unityInstance.Module .splashScreenStyle;
unityInstance.progress.empty = document.createElement(“div”);
unityInstance.progress.empty.className = “empty”;
unityInstance.progress.full = document.createElement(“div”);
unityInstance.progress.full.className = “full”;
unityInstance.progress.appendChild(unityInstance.progress. full);
unityInstance.progress.full.style.width = (100 * progress) + “%”;
unityInstance.progress.empty.style.width = (100 * (1¬†-progress¬†)) + “%”;
if (progress == 1)
unityInstance.logo.style.display = unityInstance.progress.style.display = “none”;

Delete the paragraph with the logo, and the error will be reported when you open it.

Putting the original version on it doesn’t work, all webgl accessed through the link reported this error.¬†Restarting the computer does not work

I guess it might be related to MIME. After adding .unity3d and .unityweb to MIME, the duplicate error is reported, but it can only be deleted, and the MIME service and all related services are restarted.

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