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IAR contains unknown tools [How to Solve]

There are three files under IAR project to describe the project, with suffixes respectively .eww, .ewp, .ewd:

.eww  –> IAR · EWARM workspace file, which describes the projects contained in the workspace;

.ewd   –> C-spy debugger project setting file;

.ewp   –> IAR # EWARM project file, which contains all the configuration information about the project;

So if the following error occurs

“The project ‘…’ contains the unknown tools ‘Coder’  ”

We need to revise it The EWP file, for example, the unknown tool here is’ coder ‘. After opening the file, we find the following line:


(Note: if you can’t find the upper line in the .EWP file, you can find it in the .EWD file)

Delete the above lines, repeat the search for the above lines containing ‘coder’, delete them all, and save the modifications.

Reopen the project, OK, and no more errors will be reported.