[Solved] The swagger UI dependency is introduced into spring boot Error



Parameter 0 of method linkDiscoverers in org.springframework.hateoas.config.HateoasConfiguration required a single bean, but 3 were found:
	- relProviderPluginRegistry: defined by method 'relProviderPluginRegistry' in class path resource [org/springframework/hateoas/config/HateoasConfiguration.class]
	- linkDiscovererRegistry: defined in null
	- entityLinksPluginRegistry: defined by method 'entityLinksPluginRegistry' in class path resource [org/springframework/hateoas/config/WebMvcEntityLinksConfiguration.class]


Consider marking one of the beans as @Primary, updating the consumer to accept multiple beans, or using @Qualifier to identify the bean that should be consumed

This is because the dependent version is too old. The spring boot of version 2.5.6 is used, and the swagger of version 2.2 is too old.

The solution is to update the swagger dependency or reduce the spring boot version.

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