Tokudb engine Install Error: error: percona server is not running with jemalloc

The following error was encountered installing the tokudb engine.
Checking SELinux status…
FO: SELinux is disabled.
Checking if Percona Server is running with jemalloc enabled…
grep: /proc//environ: No such file or directory
ERROR: Percona Server is not running with jemalloc, please restart mysql service to enable it and then run this script…
Checking the ps-admin script, I eventually found that it was related to pid
318 PID_LOCATION=$(echo “${PID_LIST}”|grep pid_file|awk ‘{print $2}’)
319 if [ $?-ne 0 ] || [ “${PID_LOCATION}” == “” ]; then
320 printf “ERROR: Pid file location unknown!\n”;
321 exit 1
322 fi
323 PID_NUM=$(cat ${PID_LOCATION})
Restart mysql after specifying the pid-file in my.cnf and ps-admin will run normally.
pid-file = /data/mysql/3306/

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