umount Error: umount.nfs4: device is busy [How to Solve]

Errors are reported as follows:

umount /data/nginx/html/pc/static
    umount.nfs4: /data/nginx/html/pc/static: device is busy

1. Through fuser, See which process is occupying the file

fuser -m -v /data/nginx/html/pc/static/test

– M indicates the file system or block device (in mount state) where the specified file is located. All processes accessing the file system are listed

– V indicates verbose mode. The process is displayed in PS mode, including PID, user, command and access fields

If the prompt: – bash: fuser: command not found, it indicates that there is no corresponding package,


yum install psmisc -y

2. Kill the corresponding process,

kill -9 Corresponding process code

3. Cancel the mount again

umount /data/nginx/html/pc/static

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