Vsftpd new directory prompt: 550 create directory operation failed

After configuring FTP on CentOS, I can log in, but I can’t create a new directory. The prompt is: 550 create directory operation failed. I tried method 1: set SELinux = disabled, and found it still can’t work. Finally, I confirmed that the folder write permission is not assigned

possibility 1:

After configuring vsftpd on CentOS , I carefully checked the configuration file. After connecting to the server, the error message “ 550 create directory operation failed ” was always displayed when creating and uploading files. I have configured vsftpd no less than five times. This problem has never occurred before, At first, I thought it was a problem of user permissions, so I simply configured Chmod – R 777 for the directory and local in vsftpd.conf_ Umask = 000 (in fact, it’s certainly not related to this configuration, and the psychological effect has been changed). As a result, the problem remains the same

Go to the official website of vsftpd to find out the answer. The original problem is SELinux. Speaking of SELinux, I hate SELinux to the bone. Normally, after installing the system, I directly delete it with Yum remove SELinux * – Y. Today, when I was about to leave work, I installed CentOS on the virtual machine VirtualBox, so I forgot to do this action


1. How to disable SELinux

is modified to SELinux = disabled

If you don’t want to restart the system, enter: setenforce 0 in the terminal

Restart the vsftpd process and solve the problem

it’s better to delete this annoying SELinux directly

yum remove selinux* -y

The world is clean at last

possibility 2:

The directory of anonymous user (/ var/ftp/PUB) does not have write permission, so it needs to be set to have write permission

First go to/var/FTP

Then enter Chmod 777 pub in the terminal

Maybe that’s the problem that tripped you up

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