“Amd action: authenticate: SP” appears when MAC updates Xcode

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Error updating Xcode in app store, pop-up window shows: AMD action: authenticate: sp

Reason: I have two hard disks, one SSD, as the system disk; Another mechanical hard disk for data. In addition, the users directory is moved to the mechanical disk, and a soft connection is created on the SSD to point to users – because the users directory is too large for SSD. According to the analysis of the information obtained from Google, the reason is that the library directory is not on the SSD (system disk), which leads to this error


1. First, find out the biggest folders in the users directory (a bit like tuning for “bottleneck”) – in my case, the library/Android folder. There are so many things in the SDK that exceed 40Gb – move them to another part of the mechanical disk and create a soft connection in the original location

2. Delete the soft connection to users on SSD

3. Copy the users directory back to the SSD hard disk; Because the biggest Android is no longer under users, SSD can accommodate it

4. Restart, update Xcode, success

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