No JVM could be found on your system [How to Solve]

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When installing Android studio, an error is reported:

Error launching android Studio

No JVM installation found. Please install a 64-bit JDK.

if you already have a JDK installed, defined a JAVA_HOME wariable in

Computer > System Properties > System settings > Environment


But I have installed JDK and configured Java_ The environment variable of home, and the input Java – version and javac under CMD are all normal. The reason for the error is that there is no proper JRE (Java running environment) installed. I am a 64 bit win7 system

Because Android studio is an integration, there is no need to install SDK or ADT like eclipse. Please check whether the following steps have been completed. If they have been completed, the problem will be solved

1) The configuration of java development environment includes two steps

A. install JDK

To install JDK, select the installation directory. Two installation prompts will appear during the installation process. The first time is to install JDK, and the second time is to install JRE. It is recommended that both should be installed in different folders in the same Java folder( You can’t install both in the root directory of the Java folder. If JDK and JRE are installed in the same folder, there will be an error.)

As shown in the figure below

To install JDK, you can choose the directory at will. You only need to modify the directory before the default installation directory of Java

b. Install JRE

note : the directory before installing JRE → change → Java is the same as the directory before installing JDK

JRE official download:

Click the Java icon on the left

Then click accept license agreement

Choose the type to download according to your computer class. If your computer is 32-bit, Download Windows x86, 64 bit, Download Windows x64 64 bit

By the way, some friends may not know whether their computer is 32-bit or 64 bit. At this time, you can tap systeminfo at the command prompt and find the system type. If x86 represents 32-bit, x 64: 64 bit

c. Configure environment variables

2) Install Android studio

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