[azure environment] notification hub failed to create policy: 500 internal server error occurred

Problem description

There is a problem with the notification hub and the policy (rule) cannot be created. Error message obtained:

Error: Error making Read request on Authorization Rule “notification-hub-auth-rule” (Notification Hub “nh-verify-notify”/Namespace “nh-verify-notify-namespace”/Resource Group “nh-state”) : notificationhubs.Client#GetAuthorizationRule: Failure responding to request: StatusCode=500 — Original Error: autorest/azure: error response cannot be parsed: “\”Internal Server Error\”” error: json: cannot unmarshal string into Go value of type azure.RequestError

When creating a policy through the azure notification hub portal, you encounter the same problem:



Question answer

After locating with the help of azure support, it is proved that this problem is a bug after the upgrade of notification hub service. Therefore, when a service on azure encounters a problem, after preliminarily eliminating the use error, the fastest solution is to find azure support to solve the problem:



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