Build WD mycloud 4. X compiler environment to generate transmission daemon


WD has open source the firmware package of mycloud. You can go to http :// support . wdc . com/downloads . aspx ?FW & amp ; lang = EN website, select “downloads by product”, then select “my cloud”, and click “WD my cloud GPL source code” – Supports 04 . xx . The plus sign before “XX” is downloaded according to the firmware version

Build a compiler environment 

Create a working directory and unzip it

$ cd ~
$ mkdir mycloud
$ cd mycloud
$ unzip  

Reading WD- README.txt File, understand the compilation process

$ cd packages/build_tools/debian
$ sudo ./ --pagesize=64k transmission-daemon wheezy

Set the transmission – Replace the daemon with the package you want to compile

The compiled installation files are placed in the build directory/root/Directory, copy the file to mycloud, and then execute the command

# dpkg -i transmission-daemon_2.52-3+nmu2_armhf.deb

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