Causes and solutions of system program problem detected in Ubuntu startup display

When using Ubuntu, you often encounter such an error prompt: “system program problem detected”

As shown in the figure:


There is a built-in utility called app in Ubuntu, which can notify when a program crashes. This program, called import, notifies you of errors whenever you log into your Ubuntu system. It’s normal that you don’t have to panic or be afraid of such a mistake


1. Inform system developers to do this. It’s recommended, and it won’t take you long. Click the “report prolem” button in the error prompt dialog box. You will be prompted to enter your administrator account password. Then, click “continue” to send the error prompt to developers, so that they can help solve the problem

First, make sure you are connected to the Internet properly. Once you submit the error report, developers will study the report carefully and try to solve the error in the next release

After submitting the error prompt, you can delete the file with the crash error prompt from your local system. If you want to see these error prompt files, you can enter the following command in the terminal: LS/var/crash/

Output (everyone is different)

libglib2.0-dev.0.crash_ usr_ bin_ appstreamcli.0.uploaded _ usr_ bin_ appstreamcli.0.crash _ usr_ bin_ pycompile.0.crash _ usr_ bin_ Appstreamcli. 0. Upload
delete all through the following command: sudorm – FR/var/crash/*

2. Disable the function of import. This is not recommended

Edit the app file/etc/default/APP

sudo nano /etc/default/apport

Find the line enabled=1 and change it to 0(zero)

# set this to 0 to disable apport, or to 1 to enable it

# you can temporarily override this with

# sudo service apport start force_start=1


Press crtl+x to exit, press y to save (nono), enter

Note: nano is a small, free and friendly editor. There are nano commands on most Linux

Then, you can stop the app service

Sudo stop apport

The app will not report any errors

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