Error message after installing docker in CentOS 7

Start docker


$ sudo systemctl start docker

report errors.

View status:

$ systemctl status docker.service -l

If you add – L, some lines of information are very long and will be omitted during printing. If you add this parameter, all lines will be displayed.



Error message:

Error starting daemon: SELinux is not supported with the overlay2 graph driver on this kernel. Either boot into a newer kernel or disable selinux in docker (–selinux-enabled=false)

This means that SELinux in the Linux kernel does not support the overlay 2 graph driver. There are two solutions: either start a new kernel or disable SELinux in the docker, — SELinux enabled = false


Re edit the docker configuration file:

vi /etc/sysconfig/docker


Replace with:


Restart docker:



View status:

$ systemctl status docker.service -l


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