Configuring Google Android test station for Ubuntu

ATS: definition and configuration method

The above configuration method is very detailed, but some small problems are encountered in the actual operation. It is summarized as follows:

1. If you execute MTT start in the desktop command window, you will be prompted that the MTT command is not supported and you need to install a watv:

Solution: follow the prompts and use apt command to install

2. Unable to run MTT

Solution: create a new atsstation folder on the desktop (the name of this folder can be taken at will), then download MTT and move it to this directory

Where to download:

Getting the Android Test Station CLI

Download the command line interface (CLI) package here.


3. Open the command window in atsstation and execute MTT start, and directly prompt: VBI: open failed [/ dev/vbi0] error

Solution: first grant the execution permission to the MTT file, sudo Chmod – R 774 MTT, and then start the MTT through./MTT start (note that “. /”) and the interface will display as follows:

Note that the following is a pull file from the Google server, which is related to the computer and the network. The length of time varies. Just wait patiently, showing “ATS is serving at” http://localhost:8000 “After that, it indicates that the MTT service has been started successfully. At this time, you can access the address on the web page


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