Could not create directory ‘/ /. SSH’ when installing Git

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After installing git in window, generate SSH key in CMD. Use SSH keygen

During the command, I was prompted with the error of “could not create directory ‘/ /. SSH”. My colleague said that he had encountered the same error before, which was caused by the lack of system variables. At that time, he helped me add the variables, but I didn’t see which variable was added. Today, I looked up the information on the Internet and found out that the environment variable of home was added. My job is to add home = C/users. Then skills are generated automatically. Excerpt【

Digression: because it’s a Windows environment, it may have been affected when cygwin was installed a few days ago

In addition, in the actual use process, we found that although cygwin imitates the Linux environment under windows, in many cases, there will be obscure problems, and there is no error prompt. For example, this time, using the command line of cygwin and git, everything else is normal, but when submitting the code, it will lose its response (not stuck, but after entering, it will not submit the code and there is no output) and there is no error prompt. Finally, it’s done with the built-in CMD of windows


In addition, the note I learned is the misunderstanding of GIT. I used to think that Git is GitHub, but I learned that they are different concepts through video learning. Git is actually more like a technology, and GitHub is a platform to provide the use of this technology

Environment: Windows 7 ultimate

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