Dynamic Web Module 3.1 requires Java 1.7 or newer

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overview: when using Maven to build a web project, we often encounter this problem. The reason for the problem is that the web module needs to use java1.7 and later versions, but the current version does not meet the requirements. Therefore, you only need to modify the Java version to 1.7 or above

1. There are three aspects of java version need to be modified and unified in eclipse web construction
(1) modify in libraries of Java build path
(2) modify in Java compiler
(3) modify in project facet
2. Most of the above modifications should be OK, but there are always accidents or errors. Because Maven is used to build the project, it is better to add the following code in the build tag of pom.xml file:
& lt; build>
< plugins>
< plugin>
< groupId> org.apache.maven.plugins</ groupId>
< artifactId> maven-compiler-plugin</ artifactId>
< version> 3.1</ version>
< configuration>
< source> 1.7</ source> // If it is 1.8, change it to 1.8
& lt; target> 1.7</ target> // If it is 1.8, change it to 1.8
& lt/ configuration>
</ plugin>
</ plugins>
</ build>

3. Finally, right-click Maven’s update project original link: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_ 31614947/article/details/70231289

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