electron-vue:Webpack ReferenceError: process is not defined

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Electronic Vue error: webpack referenceerror: process is not defined

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problem screenshot

problem description

When building the project of electron, there is such a problem, probably because of the version problem of node.js. There is no such problem in the 11 version of nodejs, generally in the 12 version of nodejs

problem solving

Add a piece of code to the htmlwebpack plug under . Electron Vue/webpack. Web. Config. JS and . Electron Vue/webpack. Render. Config. JS

templateParameters(compilation, assets, options) {
        return {
          compilation: compilation,
          webpack: compilation.getStats().toJson(),
          webpackConfig: compilation.options,
          htmlWebpackPlugin: {
            files: assets,
            options: options


Run the project again and find it is successful

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