How to Solve Electronic forge packer Error

Package the electron program with electron forge/cli,

#install electron-forge/cli
npm install --save-dev @electron-forge/cli
npx electron-forge import

✔ Checking your system
✔ Initializing Git Repository
✔ Writing modified package.json file
✔ Installing dependencies
✔ Writing modified package.json file
✔ Fixing .gitignore

We have ATTEMPTED to convert your app to be in a format that electron-forge understands.

Thanks for using "electron-forge"!!!
#Create a distributable application
npm run make
# error here
Making for the following targets: squirrel
✖ Making for target: squirrel - On platform: win32 - For arch: x64

Solution: in the package.json file, configure description and author so that the configuration information of this field is not empty

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