Error in JMeter import JMX file cannotresolveclassexception: kg.apc.jmeter.perfmon.perfmoncollector solution

When using jmeter5.1.1 to import external scripts today, you will be prompted with an error message: cause: cannotresolveclassexception: kg.apc.jmeter.perfmon.perfmoncollector detail: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.conversionexception: — debugging information —- cause exception: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.conve


Cause: the jar package is missing, but we don’t know which one is missing, so we can go to the official website to download the JMeter plug-in manager, let the manager automatically detect the necessary jar package when importing JMX files, and then click Install to download automatically.

1. JMeter plug-in manager download address:


2. Put the plug-ins in this folder


3. Restart JMeter, drag the script into, and you will be prompted to install


4. JMeter restarts and completes the script import

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