Error reported by PIP install third-party library [How to Solve]

reward :Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement xlrd (from versions: )

No matching distribution found for xlrd

This is because of China’s 32476 problem, it needs to be used faster, like peanuts.

Method 1:

The order reads.

pip install xlrd –trusted-host


pip3 install xlrd –trusted-host

Method 2:

Delay 36831; Time

command: pip –default-timeout=100 install xlrd obey

Method 3:

under the pip installation path, create python file

import os  

index-url = 

if not os.path.exists(pippath):  

with open(pippath+"pip.ini","w+") as f:  

Run the python file on CMD, and then use the PIP install command to install it, which is very fast


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